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for GI JOE Wolf Squad Sky Hawk VTOL (2018)

Reference: 91857

Labels for GI JOE Wolf Squad Sky Hawk VTOL (2018)


This custom set is intended to transform a 50th Anniversary GI JOE Ghost Hawk into a new member of the Wolf Squad motor pool.

The vehicle's colour scheme is designed to give a more urban mission look to this classic ARAH vehicle. The stickers are a continuation of our custom series of Wolf Squad vehicle sets which include: vehicle specific Wolf Squad logo, distinctive lettering style and colours, pilot tags based on figures that are released in the 2015-2016 wave of GI JOE figures, and so much more.


Notes: Intended for private collectors only, not for resale. Any symbols shown are for scale modelling purposes only, not intended as trademarks. By purchasing, you agree not to misrepresent their origin, or that of any item these labels are affixed to.