Toyhax Robocents Rewards Program

You can earn Robocents rewards points on every purchase here at Toyhax that can be redeemed for a discount on future orders!

How Do I Earn Robocents?

First, you need to have a registered Toyhax account. Log into your account and add the products you wish to purchase to your cart. Once you checkout, your earned Robocents will automatically be added to your account!

How Many Robocents Will I Earn?

On each product page, you’ll see a Robocents icon below the pricing information indicating how many Robocents you’ll earn from that particular product. The more products you add to your cart, the more Robocents you’ll earn when you checkout!

What Are Robocents Worth?

Every 100 Robocents is equivalent to $1.00 USD. For example, if you have 1200 Robocents available to redeem, you can use them to get a $12.00 USD discount on your Toyhax order!

How Many Robocents Can I Redeem At A Time?

There’s no limit to how many of your Robocents you can redeem on a future order. You can use all of them, or a portion of them, as you choose. Robocents discounts are applied before shipping and handling, so if you have enough Robocents to cover the entire cost of your products, all you’ll need to pay for is the shipping cost!

Do Robocents Expire?

Nope! Your Robocents will never expire, and there’s no limit to how many you can earn on your account. The choice is yours on when you want to redeem them to get a big discount!

How Can I Check to See How Many Robocents I Have?

You can view and redeem your available Robocents from the ‘Cart’ page once you are logged in to your account and have added products to your cart. Your available Robocents will appear above the pricing details in your Cart, and you can simply click on the Robocents icon to apply the desired amount to your order.