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Cobra Command chest emblem for 3+3/4" figures (gold)

Reference: 91862

labels for Cobra Command chest emblem for 3+3/4" figures (gold)


The gold Cobra Command emblem is the perfect size for restickering the chests of 3 and 3/4 inch figures. 

These chest emblems are scaled off early modern era cobra soldier. Chest emblems for ARAH and modern 3-3/4" figures vary in size. The cobra symbols variety pack has emblems of differing sizes for alternate applications but exact scale to specific figures is not guaranteed.

For best results remove original painted logo prior to application.


Notes: Intended for private collectors only, not for resale. Any symbols shown are for scale modelling purposes only, not intended as trademarks. By purchasing, you agree not to misrepresent their origin, or that of any item these labels are affixed to.