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Discount Policy


As of 2020, we no longer offer random reduced pricing or Black Friday sales.  We still want to make sure our customers can get some good deals, though, so we've added two new ways to save on your labels! 

Newest Product is always on sale.

From this point on, as we release new product, we will make sure we're well stocked, and we'll list it at a high discount.  With each subsequent release, the discount will be slightly reduced.  This will help keep our most current product in the affordable range.


When you purchase from qualifying categories, you will earn Robopoints!  At any later date, you can convert your Robopoints into a redeemable Robovoucher to apply to your next order.

To create a Robovoucher, go to your account page by clicking your name in the top right corner, then click My Robopoints.  Your Robovouchers will then be visible upon checkout as grayed out codes. Click on a code, and then click OK to make use of it.

**Unlike a sale, Robovouchers are meant as an incentive for future orders.  While you are free to use it immediately, we will not combine it with your current order, and your new order will be sent separately.