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Ordering from

Flat rate shipping.

Save on shipping!  Your shipping rate will not increase when you add similar items to your cart.  If you order only labels, you'll receive them via lettermail.  This will greatly reduce shipping costs, and can be sent anywhere in the world.  The cost for lettermail shipping and handling is only $3.50 for Canada and the US, and $4.50 everywhere else.

For larger items, like backdrops, we use Fedex to the US, or Airmail to other countries.  To North America, the cost to ship backdrops is $15 to ship, and it will arrive in about a week.  Orders overseas take just over a week, and cost $35 and up to ship.  There is a minimum order value per order of $15 for this type of shipping, and there are some regions we won't ship to. 

For small objects, airmail shipping will be $6 to the USA, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, or $11 elsewhere. Product from our Upgrade Fortress category is not available to ship outside of Canada and the US.

Custom fold lines for your backdrops.

If you don't like where those fold lines are, you can request that we put them somewhere different for you!  Just contact us ahead of time to see if there will be additional shipping costs for any possible increase to the folded size.

We take packing seriously.

Backdrops will arrive well protected, in an appropriately sized container, with adequate padding.  Small objects arrive in a bubble padded envelope.  Labels are sent with cardstock reinforcement to discourage folding.  In all cases, we stand behind our packing, and guarantee safe delivery.