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for GI JOE Wolf Squad Wolf SHARC submarine (2017) Maximize
for GI JOE Wolf Squad Wolf SHARC submarine (2017)
for GI JOE Wolf Squad Wolf SHARC submarine (2017)

for GI JOE Wolf Squad Wolf SHARC submarine (2017)

for GI JOE Wolf Squad Wolf SHARC

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This custom set is intended to transform a custom painted GI JOE S.H.A.R.C. into a new member of the Wolf Squad motor pool.

The vehicle's colour scheme is a dual homage to the classic TV series Airwolf and the color pattern of a Great White Shark. :O

The stickers are a continuation of our custom series of Wolf Squad vehicle sets which include: vehicle specific Wolf Squad logo, distinctive lettering style and colours, pilot tags based on figures that are released in the 2015-2016 wave of GI JOE figures, and so much more.

As a bonus exclusive to this SHARC set, we've also included specific stickers to allow you to create a 50th anniversary Wolf Squad version of Deep Six. These stickers are designed for the 25th anniversary version of Deep Six version 1, however due to their similar size they can as well work with a vintage V1 Deep Six.